About Us

Kawara My An Onsen Resort - a complex resort of leisure and healthcare according to the traditional Japanese onsen standard. The resort is one of the typical projects of Bitexco Group and is operated by Kawara Resort.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort is an international resort, covering a total area of 3.5 hectares, including hotel areas, luxury villas, onsen bath, Spa and restaurants, recreation area and other facilities.

In particular, the onsen bath is operated by the Japanese onsen company, using from My An hot mineral source with many minerals, characterized by sulfur content, effective in rehabilitation, healthcare, anti-aging, and beautify the skin.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort will be an attractive destination, bringing new experiences for visitors when visiting to ancient Hue.

With the mission of pioneering the creation of symbols, Bitexco Group comes to Hue to develop and create a new impression on tourism in the ancient capital. Cooperated with Kawara Resort - one of the famous traditional onsen brands in Japan, Bitexco hopes to bring visitors a high-class complex, especially Japanese standard onsen service. and above all, a cross-cultural culture between Japanese and ancient Hue.

Known as the leading multidisciplinary corporation in Vietnam, Bitexco is experienced in exploiting and using natural mineral resources in human health care, with outstanding success - the brand of natural mineral water- Vital.


Kawara My An Onsen Resort is operated by the Kawara Resort with Ogawa Kawara Onsen- one of Top 3 the most popular onsen destination in Japan.

Kawara Resort always pursues the business philosophy “Kawara is a tranquil place to relax and recover health for everyone. Everyone's satisfaction is the happiness, which is the service philosophy of Kawara Resort. Making customers' health and comfort a top priority. Kawara serves the Japanese spirit, protects natural water and promotes a prosperous society.”



Visit Kawara My An Onsen Resort, you will experience the onsen bath service according to Japanese standards. Onsen bath is seperated for men area and women area. The onsen area includes indoor and outdoor onsen and other types of baths with various health benefits.

The mineral water at Kawara My An Onsen Resort contains trace elements necessary for health, characterized by sulfur content and many valuable minerals that have a positive effect in the treatment of heart disease, joint disease and skin care.


Villas are built in a private space and designed in the style of meditation garden architecture, a feature that has existed for hundreds of years in Japanese culture.

The perfect intersection between the Japanese architecture and Hue ancient design is a special impression that we wish to bring to visitors when staying at Kawara My An Onsen Resort

Each villa is consited of 02 or 03 bedrooms, tea room, kitchen and dining room. A private onsen bath and herbal bath are placed in the garden.


High-class hotel with the international standards. The interior is decorated delicately and luxuriously with full facilities.

All rooms have a balcony and overlooking the field or lanscaped lake, which bring a feeling of relaxation when you stay here.


Coming to our restaurant, diners will be more satisfied with the taste and the spirit which is brought by our chef team’s skill. The decoration of restaurant space exudes a tradition, simplicity and simplicity.

Japanese restaurant overlooks the natural scenery and the dishes here are prepared by Japanese chefs to bring you the true taste of Japanese cusine. In addition, the another restaurant serves European and Asian cuisine, also bringing you moments of diverse cuisine experiences at Kawara My An Onsen Resort.


Coming to Karawa My An Onsen Resort, you will enjoy many other services and facilities: